Supreme Benefits of Being Organised + A Freebie

We live in an age of overload – and, wow, don’t we know it. Never have there been so many ways to distract our senses: news (including ‘fake news’) comes from countless sources; people we don’t even know alert us to ‘interesting and/or amusing’ videos designed to titillate eyes and ears. And yet, for every minute we are distracted, we fail to organise something of importance. Ridiculous isn’t it? So here are a few key points on the significant benefits of sorting ourselves out.

  1. When we ‘are on top of things’, we eliminate personal stress. Having to face a growing ‘to do’ list brings on the discomfort of stress – as the list gets longer, the further behind we get and, for most of us, the guiltier we feel. The real bottom line is that we feel below par and, in environments where we are expected to perform (business, sport, home) we really do become highly stressed if we aren’t organised.
  2. People take more notice of us when we are organised. This is because we look and act in an efficient manner. Subtle glances pass from one person to another as they observe the undeniable confidence generated by those of us who make the determined steps to become organised.
  3. Employers, in both large and small enterprises pay particular attention to those who display a sense of being well organised. At review time, benefits in the form of salary increases and bonuses accrue more readily to those who have demonstrated superior organisational skills. Just about everybody knows this and yet only a few cotton on to how to achieve it. And that’s sad, because it isn’t hard.
  4. The business person – let’s call him or her an entrepreneur – who sets out to organise their work habits will always outperform the ‘seat of the pants’ operator. And not only that, but because the organised person projects confidence, they win the hearts and minds of clients very readily – and become far more highly rewarded.
  5. Winning hearts and minds is the prime function of anyone in business. This is not only because of the higher financial rewards that arrive but also because of the ‘referral effect’. For any client to make a referral, at least two conditions must prevail: the first is trust (without which, nothing) and the second is confidence (with which, everything). Confidence (in a doctor, lawyer, accountant, financial planner, carpenter, and plumber) arrives when a client can see that the person whom they plan to recommend is a dependably organised person.

So the next time you receive an unsolicited picture of a cute kitten or a worn-out attempt at a joke, you might want to ask yourself a simple question: Where is my time better spent … accessing this piece of junk or spending a few moments getting myself better sorted out instead? You know the answer.

Get to it. We attach a one-page overview of the checklists we provide – take a peek, and if you want a particular one, use and we’ll send it without obligation.

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