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You work in a market that’s changed


  • You are in a key advice profession – your prime goal is providing top-grade inputs for clients.
  • You have important objectives, that include servicing existing clients and cultivating referrals to win new business.
  • You are dealing with headwinds such as potential disruption from advancements in AI, legislative changes, and, for many, consequences from the Hayne Royal Commission.
  • You know that to ensure your business flourishes, fresh thinking is needed.
  • You will benefit greatly from  Now Sorted because it is a tool that enables you to solve a universal client need – for vulnerable ones to be ever ready for a banquet of eventualities.
Robo-Advice was once ‘on the horizon’ but rapidly is going mainstream.

Much robotic logic relies on coded outcomes based on ‘if this … then that’.

Computer language is good at such reasoning, but lacks the nuances that human advisers deliver.

You are undoubtedly good at understanding of how clients ‘tick’ and realise they are not always good at identifying what they need … until it’s too late.

Now Sorted helps you solve that issue by delivering a ‘See, we knew you’d need this kind of preparation one day … and here we are, situation solved!’

Regulatory change delivers a measure of pain and an abundance of opportunity.

Pain comes from having to adapt to new rules.

Opportunities arise because forward thinkers see the rewards of adapting to a new ‘position’.

The 2017 Royal Commission changed rules for financial advice. Yet the changes arising from our ageing population are far larger in scale.

Because everybody has an one, estate planning is now ‘the big opportunity’. Yet our research shows that few have prepared their families … or even thought about it. Have you? Take the test below.

Parents making way for middle-aged children are one generation; their children another.

Each needs advice – yet different advice.

Parents, especially post-retirement, will hopefully be reaping the rewards of hard-earned gains. Most will be conscious of the necessity for late life planning.

Adult children realise the need for ‘a family chat’. ‘Sorting things out’ avoids heartache later.

A thorough estate plan puts everybody at ease. The combined skills of lawyer, accountant, and financial planner will contribute. And in every instance, super secure Now Sorted will be there to assist.